Magic Potions

On Friday, I babysat for some people in my ward. They are pretty cool people, and their children are adorable. Their children are also very smart, so it’s hard to keep them entertained. It is always my goal to bring something new or fun for them to try. Honestly, it goes back to reading the Babysitter’s Club books. They had kits that they brought with them on each babysitting job, and I’ve always thought that it was a good idea.


The activity I brought last time was magic potions. I did this last summer after I saw it on Pinterest. The link is here:  Basically, you put milk in a dish then food coloring drops on top. Then I drop some dish soap on top and watch the colors swirl. Honestly, the instructions call for half and half, and a q-tip dipped in the soap, but even when I did it by myself last summer I did it my way and it works just fine.


Just seeing the colors move is pretty mesmerizing, but the three girls I was doing it with love to play make believe games, so I called them magic potions because they look pretty magical. We did one together, and then I let each of them do their own. Once they had mixed to their heart’s desire, they named the potion and decided what it would do.

The first one was the Leafy Me potion, and it allowed the drinker to control plants. But, you also felt the plant’s pain if you drank it. (This girl is so creative and smart. She’s a ton of fun)


The second one was Rainbow Change, and it turned you into different animals, but all the animals are rainbow colored.


Image  The third girl is pretty young, so we helped her. I was pretty sure she was going to stain her clothes, but she was fine. Hers was called Rainbow Moods and the drinker changed color based on how they were feeling.


Mine was Dragon Up, and it turned you into a dragon.


After we made all the “potions” we ran around the house trying them out. (they didn’t actually drink the dish soapy-milk). It was epic fantasy tale involving villains, revenge and ancient powers passed down through a magical bloodline. Coming soon to theaters near you. It was truly a story for the ages

This was a really fun activity, and I think it’s pretty different from the normal summer things. I will probably do this again when babysitting other people.

Hugs and Kisses,



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