Out of all my many skills, (hair flip) one of the actually useful ones is using power point. I am terrible at Excel, meaning my engineer dad has explained it to me about a thousand times. Lately, I have been getting better at Excel, but yeah, not a talent of mine. I can type just fine, and Word is my friend. Publisher is chill and all, and I use Notebook constantly throughout the school year. But, above them all, the spotlight shines on one program, coming out of the fog, the bright, blazing glory that is… POWER POINT!

I seriously love using Power Point. Sure, there are topics I enjoyed doing more than others, but even if it is the most boring, stupid topic in existence, I will go all out on the presentation.

For example, for my personal finance class, we had to do a presentation on various things like bonds, stocks or gems. I got bonds, so of course, I made a Power Point. (I’m not sure how well this will show up, but there should be a link or something here)

So that’s like the most boring topic in the world, and yet, I really enjoyed making it. Of course, I also obsessed over it for about 3 days. I’m like that whenever I am working on a project. I can’t stop thinking about it and tweaking until right before it’s due, but then, once I turn it in, I can calm down and do other things.

So anyway, onto the story I originally meant to write. Now you know my love for Power Point, this will probably make more since.

When I was in second grade, my mom was in law school. She was quite busy. Now, don’t think I was neglected. She was a great mom, and payed plenty of attention to both me and my brothers. Just a disclaimer. Anyway, my animal fascination at the time was manatees, so I told her that I had a power point on manatees due the next day in class. I just wanted to use her computer! But she dropped everything to help me, despite the enormous amount of work she had to get done. Anyway, I made the power point with her than admitted that I didn’t actually have to do it, and had completely lied about the homework assignment.Yeah. She was not happy with me.

So the moral of the story is, don’t lie about homework in second grade. Because your mom will constantly remind you of that fact in high school when you desperately don’t want to do homework. It comes back to bite you.

Hugs and kisses,


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