Princess Training

I have been progressing in my training to be a Disney Princess, so I thought I would update on that a bit. 


The first step was my wardrobe. In my family, we don’t really buy that many clothes during the year, but buy a bunch at the beginning of the school year. So I have been getting lots of new clothes, and to my surprise, I have found myself buying quite a few dresses and skirts. I love wearing dresses, but I usually don’t buy that many. But as a DPIT (Disney princess in training), I guess that it is fitting. What? You DEMAND to see a picture of one of these dresses? Well, I guess that if you insist, I’ll go put on an adorable dress that I’m not allowed to wear until school starts. I just have to. I mean, you are twisting my arm here. 

Aviary Photo_130525290177783506

I love this dress


The second step was getting other people to admit I was like a princess before I told them. I went to a week long church camp, where the guys had to escort the girls everywhere (I know, awkward and yet, so much fun with um, cough cough, certain guys). But whenever we were walking across campus (it was at BYUI) I would run off and take pictures of the flowers. I took over 300 pictures of just flowers. 

 EFY Flower Collage


So whenever I saw a flower, I got really excited and happy about them- I can’t help it, I just really like flowers!- so my group started calling me Rapunzel. Well, I do like ducklings! I just told them that Pixar had to base her off of somebody. 


Really though, it’s kind of weird how similar Rapunzel and I are. Even discounting really long hair (Rapunzel has me beat there, plus hers is MAGICAL) we have scary similar personalities. You know the song,“When Will My Life Begin”? She is much more talented than I am, but the same activities. I can’t play guitar, so violin. I am also terrible at painting, and pottery is also a no go, but other than that, I do everything she does. It’s a little weird. And honestly, we just get excited about things. On a hike with my church group, whenever we saw a particularly pretty wild flower, (they were SO PRETTY) I would make everyone look at it and start jumping up and down and just be excited to see it! It’s not just flowers though (that’s a big part). Animals also make me super happy and excited. That’s why I volunteer at a zoo. It is so much fun to learn weird facts about weird animals. Like that sloth bears 

Sloth Bear

Don’t have front teeth. They are basically bug vacuums. They also have very squishy noses so they can press their face into the ground to suck up bugs. (I love sloth bears- they are really fun and playful to watch.)


Also, condors, specifically Andean condors, are the heaviest flying birds. They also have the largest wing span (not longest, but largest).andean condor They are bald in order to eat dead meat- carrion- without getting their head feathers dirty, because that would be very hard to clean. They also poop on their own feet when they are too hot.  I have handled feathers that the one at the zoo dropped, and it is longer than my arm. It’s really awesome when it opens it wings, because it does have such an impressive wingspan. Have you ever heard of thunder  birds? That’s a condor. 


Butterflies have microscopic scales on their wings. Penguins don’t really have taste buds- that’s why they can eat rotten fish. Giraffes have a natural insect repellent in their skin, because their tail would never be able to flick insects out of their eyes. Spotted hyenas are jerks to striped hyenas. African porcupines have rattles in their quills, much like a rattlesnake. Rubber boas feel like a plastic snake, and often get their tails and heads mixed up to confuse predators. Name an animal. I’m sure I can remember something strange about it. 


So yeah, animals and flowers make me happy and excited. And when I get excited, I act a lot like Rapunzel does- you know, the 


and then I do the


and occasionally, if I’m really happy, I do the 


So basically, since both Rapunzel and I are happy and excited 95% of the time, I am and forever will be a DPIT.

Hugs and Kisses,



P.S. Another cool animal is the Sarus Crane. They dance. And they sound like elephants.



Click the pictures for the links




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