My name is Aspen Greaves; I am 16 years old and live in Idaho. I’m also basically a Disney princess. That might sound a little presumptuous, but princesses have problems too! I have blonde hair to my thighs, I sing all the time to the point of obnoxiousness (although I’m not that great of a singer), I have an unhealthy obsession wih animals, particularly woodland animals, and my personality is really quite similar to Rapunzel from Tangled mixed with Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

My family is pretty awesome. My mom is a lawyer who works part time, and she is brilliant. She helps kids with disabilities get 504 plans.  My dad is a civil engineer; he is very gifted at math but is also a ton of fun. He’s pretty much a child. I have two brothers, one older and one younger. The older one’s name is Caleb. He is 18 years old and is currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Berlin, Germany. He is one of the smartest people I know, but he is also hilarious and a great brother. The little one’s name is Sawyer. He is 13, and pretty special. He is also brilliant, but he is very creative. He does amazing origami creations (it’s really remarkable what paper can do), and he does insane amounts of research into weapons. I also have two dogs. One is a female vizsla (bird-hunting dog) named Ginger and a small cairn terrier named Jiggy. Well, his full name is Mr. Jiggles Esquire.

Just a few things about me- I am going to be a junior in high school next year. My favorite subject is World History (although that is not offered at my school- grr). Currently, I want to someday be a museum director, as I do love history but I also love teaching people. I volunteer at my local zoo, which is tons of fun. I read all the time, about 4-6 books a day during the school year. I love flowers, I dance (spasm) around my house when no one is watching, I love Disney and Disney music, and humming birds are my favorite animals. I’m sure I’m missing loads, but that’s pretty much me.


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